Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just don't call him late for dinner!

So, we've been discussing names in the Budd house lately. More specifically boy names. To be honest, we haven't felt real clear on a name, although we like to tease our Brother-in-law, who is a black man, and say that we are going to give our future black son the 'whitest' name possible. :)

Liv and Sam have definitely shared their opinions on names that we have come up with and even have come up with a few keepers of their own.
Sam is adamant about the fact that the baby will be called 'Emily Elizabeth'. Yes, she knows she is getting a baby brother. That doesn't seem to matter to her.
Liv- smart, 6-year-old Liv- suggested the name 'Cosmo'. *ahem* John agreed to go with the name as long as we could call him 'Cosmo Kramer Budd'.

Yep, these 2 girls are most definitely going to give their brother a run for his money...

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  1. haha I love it!! I am so happy see you bloggin again and about this! Yay!!! Eeekk! :)